How often do you dig out your old photo albums from the cupboard to show family and friends? Not that often? Do you ever wonder why that’s the case? Is it because you are worried about damaging the photos, or do you consider it boring looking at a page containing 3 or 4 photos stuck to it? Many couples spend in excess of $3000 for wedding photography. Six weeks after the ceremony they receive a lovely album containing on average 40 of their favourite photos from the day. These albums are expensive, and as such they are stored away in boxes to prevent any damage to the leather cover or the actual photos themselves. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you had a book containing your wonderful memories that you could leave on the coffee table or in the bookshelf without worrying about the photos being damaged?

This is one of the main advantages of having a photobook made instead of, or in addition to a traditional wedding album. Photobooks are designed in photoshop or in a dedicated software program, professionally printed, hand stitched and bound in hardcover with dust jacket, and can contain up to 150 pages! Our most recent design for a client contained 150 pages which allowed for 1099 photos from their European holiday to be included.

For quotes on designing your own unique photobook, please contact us for details. You are not restricted to using photos from a current digital shoot either. We can scan older images to be imported into the book. The possibilities are endless! Turn the box full of old photos into a keepsake you can view whenever you wish!

Photo Restoration

We all treasure the old photographs we have of loved ones or memories from when we were younger. Unfortunately sometimes these photographs show their age or become damaged due to poor storage or accidents. Digital restoration enables these photographs to be brought back from the brink with some astonishing results. Imagine your fathers surprise when you give him a photograph of his first car which he thought had been damaged beyond repair!

Photo restoration techniques involve the removal of scratches, tears and stains. We are also able to remove colour tints and blemishes from your photographs. At the conclusion of the process you can choose between receiving a new print of your image or a CD containing the corrected image as a high resolution digital file.

Naturally the amount of time required to repair an image will differ between photographs. Therefore it is difficult to provide examples of costs without viewing the file. All quotes for this kind of service will only be provided after an image has been viewed to determine an accurate quote. Generally, a basic to moderate restoration has a value of between $80 to $150. For more advanced restoration, the value will be slightly higher and be commensurate with hours required to work on the file. Please contact us for further information on this service.